Finally, My First Blog

So happy to say that I am finally adding my first post to my blog. What is prompting this long overdue (to me at least) message to the world you ask? A move to Harpers Ferry, WV to stay with my sister and her family to start a new life on the east coast.

Through starting my business/looking for work I have learned several tips, tricks, trials and tribulations that I hope to share with you via these posts. During this time I have also made some self discoveries. After all that’s what life is about; discovering your true self through living life.

Expect the following topics to be addressed the majority of the time as these are the ones that have surfaced the most throughout my journey:

Networking Events – I have become known as the ‘queen of free events’ – some for networking and several for fun. Which are almost one in the same to me. And they say networking is the best way to land your next business deal/job so why not have a little fun while doing it?

Social Media – I have fully embraced the beauty of all things social media as I continue to promote my personal brand. And in creating social media strategies for other business owners. So expect oodles of fun tips and tricks on this topic.

Job Search Tips – Since I am targeting the human resource field (recruiting specifically) I may be more sensitive to this topic than most. Yet I never cease to be amazed by the stories that have been shared by other professionals in my field. I feel every single recruiter should be in job search mode for a while to truly empathize with candidates seeking work.

Hospitality Industry – Restaurants are another business that I believe every person should work in once in their life to truly understand human behavior. I’m sure all of us feel this to some degree about their chosen field of work. And since I grew up working in restaurants it is in my blood. Restaurant people will know exactly what I am talking about.

Food – Another topic that will be touched on partly because of a large chunk of my adult life was spent working with foodies. And partly because I have rediscovered my love of cooking.

Being Green – Or being sustainable, good to the planet, eco friendly, etc. I’m learning more and more about this topic every single day. Join me as I learn how I can make a difference.

They say you should stick to one topic per blog so here I go breaking the rules right from the get go. Maybe this will evolve into several spin-off blogs – who knows? For now it is what it is so join me as I continue to educate my way on my life’s journey.


2 responses to “Finally, My First Blog

  1. Awww, my first blog comment from none other than Harvey Daniels. So, so appropriate. In case you didn’t know it you are considered a mentor of mine.

    Thanks, Harvey!

  2. Hi, Lisa. You’re blog is great. Very well-stated, articulate, to the point(s), and creative. In my opinion, the main rule of a blog is there are no rules. Blogs are a recent addition to our culture, and the only reason they (whoever they are, anyway) say “do this” or “don’t do that” is only because that’s how it’s always been done (among my least favorite phrase).

    I suppose there is only one rule (for real): be compelling. It doesn’t matter how many (if any) exclamation marks you use, or how many topics you cover. What matters is that your readers should want to read your blog, and really read it (not just give it a cursory glance). And their reasons for reading your blog do not always have to be instructive. Sure, it’s great to pass along the values you’ve discovered along the way to where you are right now, and the tips, tricks, pitfalls and obstacles for others, to give them a higher base line from which to follow, but it’s ok (my opinion) to also just be entertaining, too. Your first blog was all of these, and I enjoyed reading it.

    There! Asking for help wasn’t so difficult, was it? (Notice I got my exclamation point in, eh?)

    Harvey Daniels
    C: 312-953-4962

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