Taking the ‘Waste’ Out of Food Waste

Any food waste statistic makes my toes curl. Literally. Because the United States of America is a land of excess we unabashedly discard food without a second thought. Or so it seems. But that might be my overly sensitive side talking.

If food waste is being measured it means it matters. Yet global companies like Monsanto feel we need to produce more food generated to feed the future population of the planet. The global food crisis feels a little beyond my/our reach so I’ll leave that up to the likes of Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation for now.

What I can do is ‘vote with my fork.’ That meaning I can choose the food that goes into my body by buying organic foods from local farmers. Since we are talking about food waste here check out what some grassroots organizations are doing to make an impact in there little part of the world:

  • Food Lifeline – They stop people from going hungry by applying ingenuity to this largely logistical problem.
  • Former Trader Joe’s Executive, Doug Rauch, is opening a grocery store for food items past their ‘sell by date.’
  • Grocery Auctions – A popular clearing house for food that is past its prime.
  • Gleaning Network – Group that harvests food for farmers that might not be able to sell their product otherwise.
  • Freeganism – The practice of eating and reclaiming food that has been discarded.

My personal best practice for not wasting food is turning food that is about to go bad in to delicious dishes that can be frozen to consume at a later date. So if you’re looking for a personal chef to help you do the same, I’m your gal.


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