Enjoying a little vino in Sweden

I left working hands on in the restaurant industry for most of my adult life many, many, many years ago. The reason for leaving? An offer to work in human resources for a national restaurant group based out of Minneapolis, MN. This opportunity provided me a chance to stay with the gruelling industry I love. But in a position that wouldn’t burn me out-physically.

I continue to explore my foodie side though not professionally. My current ‘dream job’ does entail areas that I am passionate about; recruiting and social media. More specifically sourcing and branding via social media to entice people to work for a company. And I love it!

I currently reside on the east coast near Washington DC. I was fortunate to grow up in the midwest. Shortly after graduating from high school I high tailed it to the closest big city; Minneapolis, MN. Next on my home town list-Chicago, IL and Toronto, ON. Yes, I experienced living in Canada for a couple years. What an amazing adventure that I would highly recommend to anyone if given the chance.

I live with my pooch, Buddy. My best friend in the whole wide world.