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New Job, New Routine

Someone asked me earlier this week if I was going to blog about my first couple days at work. My response at the time was a resounding ‘no’ since I wanted time to think about anything but the job. And because I have had trouble separating my work time from my free time in the past. So a personal goal of mine so to try to turn off work when I am not physically at work.

The first week at a new job can be overwhelming since you are acclimating to so many new ways of doing things. Such as the commute to and from work, new eating habits, new scheduled routine, meeting new people, setting up your work area, learning office politics, timing when to put on the work clothes in the morning so the dogs do not cover you with dog hair before you head out the door.

I have had almost a full day away from the new job so I now feel prepared to reflect on the week. It is a very exciting time for the company as they are in a growth stage. I will admit that I had not heard of this company prior to applying for the job I now hold. Any trepidations I may have had about the company were immediately dismissed the day I interviewed. The energy was very positive. Everyone walking in the front door was greeting each other with a cheerful ‘good morning’, the organization is very green/ good to the planet, and health & fitness is a top priority. These intangibles may be toted on the company website but you never know the true ‘vibe’ until you have spent a day in the life. And the life is good.

As far as adjusting to a new lifestyle? The commute is long but my car pool buddy is fun to chat with even when the traffic/lack of infrastructure is driving him batty, I had three good days of eating lite & healthy and two days when I couldn’t seem to eat enough junk food, the routine has been a welcome change to my day, every person has their own amazing personality, the work area is a work in progress due to some technical glitches which will soon be overcome, and the office politics? Well, they are going to be there with any job. And for the dog hair? I picked up some tape brushes at Target.