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Spies Like Us – Social Recruiting

The Dilbert Cartoon (courtesy of Scott Adams at above refers to social media in the marketing realm and the lack of embracing it in the corporate world. Every day I read articles about organizations waking up to the reality of this media being utilized as a form of communication. In case you were wondering, no, it is not a fad. It is a way of the future so hop on board (I feel so dated just by typing this last statement). Even government agencies are opening their closely regulated communications to social media.

In addition to marketing departments using social media as a form of communication, human resource departments overlap with the use of the tools for branding the company. And most importantly (at least in my world and my new job)as a way to engage people with the company so they turn from customers that are aware of your organization into people that become raving fans that can’t wait to work for you.

One area that does not cross over into the marketing world is sourcing or finding talent through social media. This is where the rubber hits the road in the social recruiting world. Thank goodness they have an upcoming conference devoted just to this art – SourceCon which will be occuring in Washington DC next week. They even host a sourcing contest which entails a lot of, well, sourcing. Check out Suzi Tonini’s post on how she won a few years back. I love how her mind works. Just last week I participated in Social Recruiting Summit in Seattle via live stream. And several webinars in between. I am either extremely passionate about this topic or it is becoming much more prevelant in the HR world.

Yes, it is an exciting time that we live in. I always say the most beautiful thing about social media is that you can make it to whatever you want it to be. For you specifically.